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High-traffic areas that are prone to wear need a high-quality, durable solution. All of our products are made with top of the line materials. They are thoroughly tested to ensure that you’ll have a strong, resilient surface, no matter what you choose to cover your existing structures with.


Your install window might be short and you might not always have a lot of advanced¬†notice to give once you’ve made a decision about which product works best for your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing you prompt, professional service with products that will set faster.


Replacing concrete can be expensive, and that’s what makes our products the best choice for refreshing an outdated look or for improving a cracked structure. With several versatile options to choose from, you get the look and feel you need without spending more than you should.


Concrete and asphalt don’t offer you flexibility in creating both a functional and beautiful space. Our product line comes in a variety of colours that can be customized to your brand, with finishes that will create a lasting impression.

Improve the Look & Feel of Any Business Space

We have been helping commercial, municipal, and industrial customers for over 30 years, and we understand that you have specific needs when choosing what to do with existing concrete and asphalt structures. Using a resurfacing product gives you versatility in design while improving the durability and safety of your space.

With many unique and versatile products to choose from, you can feel confident that no matter what space you need to improve, you have a long-lasting solution that suits your specific needs.


  • Retail Flooring & Showrooms
  • Sidewalks & Steps
  • Sport & Recreation Facilities
  • Urban & Municipal Projects
  • Commercial Pools & Spas
  • Schools & Playgrounds
  • Commercial Garages & Workshops
  • Patio Stones & Landscaping
  • Offices & Foyers
  • Warehouses & Industrial

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