When you choose one of our products, whether it’s Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone, or EnduraFlake, we want to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your choice. Our dealers all have experience dealing with these products and can share their knowledge with you based on your region and specific needs. These FAQs can help you get a better understanding of what you need, or they can simply be used to start the conversation with your dealer during a consultation. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our team so we can make sure you get what you need.

Not at all! Sierra Stone is strong enough to endure harsh freeze-thaw cycles all over North America!

Sierra Stone is usually used to cover old, cracked and shaling concrete, but you can also cover wood and fiberglass. Wood areas must be structually sound and also waterproofed prior to application.

Yes, if you keep it that way. Ultra Violet rays will dull the shine over time, and when the surface becomes dull a re-coat of epoxy is often required. Typical applications require a top coat every 2 -3 years, but in heavy sun exposure the Sierra Stone will need a fresh top coat of epoxy every year.

A simple reroll of fresh epoxy with a paint roller will restore a new shine. Check out our maintenance information for more details!

You bet! About 90% of Sierra applications are exterior however Sierra Stone is an excellent choice on basement floors as well.

Rubber Stone is a combination of recycled tire rubber, high quality synthetic EPDM rubber, and 100% solids polyurethane adhesives.

Not at all! Rubber Stone is flexible enough to endure even the harsh freeze-thaw cycles of northern Canada

With proper maintenance, your Rubber Stone surface can last for 15 years or longer! Check out our maintenance page for details.

No ….Rubber Stone is shiny at application but the shine fades after a couple of months, leaving it with a satin finish.

You bet! Driveways account for over 75% of Rubber Stone applications!

Enduraflake can be used on residential and light industrial concrete surfaces like garage floors, basements, bathrooms & office spaces.

Although indoor and outdoor applications are possible, we currently only recommend Enduraflake for indoor applications.

Yes, Enduraflake can be applied to cracked and pitted concrete surfaces. However, these surfaces require more in-depth site preparation and additional cost.

Typical summer installations can be driven on after 3 days. In cooler temperatures curing time will be extended, so ask your dealer for their recommendation.

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