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Life Deck—Making your outdoor space more liveable, durable, and flexible.

Life Deck Specialty Coatings are an ideal waterproof membrane system for resurfacing wooden, concrete, magnesite, metal and other decking materials. Life Deck Specialty Coatings can be installed to create a waterproof anti-skid surface and this makes it ideal for entry and exit areas for spas, and even rooftop deck areas. Not only can Life Deck Specialty Coatings create a safe walking area for your deck, it helps you protect and strengthen the underlying substrate. Unlike vinyl deck membranes, Life Deck Specialty Coatings are far more resilient and durable and can withstand high winds and extreme weather.

Life Deck Specialty Coatings are comprised of several layers that may include a combination of fibreglass, resin, and concrete mortar. We offer three main Specialty Coating systems, including the Fiberglass Mat System, the MC Fiber Reinforced Deck System, and the AL Deck System. Each of these systems is tailored to a specific type of decking.

FM Fiberglass Mat System

This system is designed to be used over plywood, concrete, magnesite, metal and other existing deck surfaces. The finished surface is a waterproof, skid-resistant, fast-drying and low maintenance flexible membrane. The application process involves a resin primer, fibreglass mats, resin texture coats and top coats which all combine to create an extremely durable deck surface.

MC Fiber Reinforced Deck System

This system is ideal for elevated concrete decks, high-traffic commercial areas, and deck areas where seams need to be eliminated. The textured anti-skid surface is waterproof and offers flexibility, strength and durability. This system comes in a choice of colours and textures and can be finished with a U.V. resistant top coat. The application process involves a base coat of fibermesh and resin, followed by a slurry coat of cement and resin, a texture coat of cement and resin, and finally a top coat.

AL Deck System

This system utilizes a metal lath reinforced deck system and is specifically designed for high traffic plywood walking decks. While adding strength and durability to a plywood deck, this system also provides excellent sound reduction. The finished decking is fire retardant and offers a textured, anti-skid finish that can also be coated with a U.V. resistant top coat. The application process can involve up to five steps beginning with galvanized lath and a basecoat of cement and acrylic. This is followed by a cement/acrylic slurry coat and a cement/acrylic texture coat. The application process is completed with U.V. resistant top coatings.


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