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Flexibility Creates Excitement!

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:14 AM

We’ve been the recycled rubber-paving industry with our Rubber Stone product line for a number of years now, but in 2013 we REALLY made our mark in the industry. Last year was our best year on record with massive increases in sales of our recycled rubber products, but it also raised an important question: what would happen if rubber started to replace stone products in the marketplace? Would we be prepared to let Sierra Stone—our 25 year-old flagship brand—lose ground?

We decided the answer to that question is a resounding “No!” Survival of any business or product line isn’t about having the best product in the market—even if your product is the best, your edge only lasts until someone else enhances your product to create something better. In order to maintain your “edge” you have to be flexible: you have to think “outside the box” and make your product better before someone else does. That’s why we’re currently field-testing our latest advancement in stone/epoxy technology: an epoxy that makes our Sierra Stone product flexible like its recycled rubber sibling, but adds greater chemical resistance and UV protection than our “standard” rubber product line! We’ve been testing it in-house over the winter and it’s had fantastic test results; in fact a couple of our dealers are using it on jobs done with rubber too! They want the added chemical resistance and UV protection even though it does cost a little extra.

We’re watching a select few jobs to see what the long-term results are, and we’re watching because we expect great things from our new flexible epoxy! Making a flexible stone/epoxy product will allow us to apply Sierra Stone to surfaces that we’ve otherwise been wary of and give us more durability and crack-resistance on surfaces we’re already covering! We’ve learned a lot during the R&D process, and not just on this product but as we’ve worked on a number of new projects in 2013. All of this R&D has created a surprising byproduct: excitement. Every time we try something new all our office staff get excited, especially when we video both successes and failures then upload them to YouTube! Now our staff are passing that excitement on to our network of dealers, and everyone is getting excited! We hope that our dealers can pass that excitement on to you as well, and that we can make 2014 our most FLEXIBLE and EXCITING year ever!

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