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Bringing Technology into the “Stone Age”

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:11 AM

As many of you have already noticed, we just launched a BRAND NEW WEBISTE! After months of surveys, data analysis, hard work, and a lot of patience our friends at Lesia Design have finished a completely different and exciting layout to our products and services. You’ll find that the website you see before you has been specifically tailored so that you see the information that you need, when and where you need it. If you aren’t familiar with all of our different products and brand names don’t worry, simply find the description of the UGLY surface you want to cover (ex: “Driveway”, “Patio”, “Pool”, etc.) and we’ll show you which products you can use and what their strengths are: that way you can make an informed decision. And if you’re still not sure which product you want after looking at the options, just click on the “Find a Dealer” section and enter your zip code. Our dealers are happy to talk to you about which products are best suited to your application, and most provide free on-site estimates so you can talk to someone in person about your what you need.

Our new website isn’t the only piece of technology that’s new and exciting though. Over the past few years we have noticed a huge increase in the number of our dealers who are using iPads and Android tablets as tools in their sales process, in fact, they’ve become extremely effective. Some dealers don’t even bring their traditional, leather-bound sales portfolios on a sales call anymore: they just bring in their tablet and their sample boards and can do the whole quote without using a pen and paper! One of the pioneers in tablet use for our Sierra Stone & Rubber Stone dealer network is Cameron Klassen of Sun Country Stone Products in Kamloops, BC. Canada. Cameron was the one of the first people to introduce us to an almost paperless quote system he has put together using an iPad app that was originally introduced to us by Jason Haywood of Virginia Beach Property Design in Virginia Beach, VA. He brings his iPad and his sample boards to the customer, and has setup the app so that will calculate the total square footage, selling price, and material required to complete the job: all he has to do is enter the measurements of each portion of the job! He is even able to let his customer sign the contract right on his iPad, email them a copy, and print a physical copy on a WiFi printer in his truck! A few other tech-saavy dealers have also used Cameron’s system as a template but it’s a bit intricate to setup and not everyone is up to the challenge. That’s why at our 2014 Sierra Stone & Rubber Stone Dealer Convention we made it official: we as the HQ of Sierra Stone & Rubber Stone are going to work together with our dealers to create an official “sales app” for IOS and Android. We hope to have it ready for May or June of 2014, so watch for it and make sure you tell our dealers what you think!

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