All of the information in this website has been presented as accurately as possible. Before any of our products are applied, a proper site inspection must be carried out by a qualified dealer of Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone, EnduraFlake Floors, and Life Deck products. Our warranty applies to our product line. While we provide detailed and appropriate training for product installation to our dealers, Sierra stone is not responsible for improper installation of our products. This responsibility falls upon the dealers.

While great effort is put into ensuring the accuracy of the product colour samples as displayed on this website, variations in colour may and can occur. These variations are due to natural colour ranges in the materials we use, and also to lighting settings where the installations occur.

We reserve the right to assess each warranty claim, especially when damage occurs to installed products that is inconsistent with normal, everyday use and wear.

If customers receiveinconsistent information from any dealer regarding product warranties and proper installation techniques, Sierra Stone will always defer to original information provided by the Sierra Stone Head Office and manufacturing facilities to the dealers. Any claims made by dealers that are inconsistent with information available directly from the Sierra Stone Head Office regarding product tolerances, applications, and warranties will not be honoured by the Sierra Stone Head Office.