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Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is the perfect material to enhance a home office. It is available in several colour tones which can be used to emboss the floor with designs, patterns or even the logo of a home-based business. The durability of Sierra Stone means that it will withstand frequent movement of rolling office chairs and other traffic. Sierra Stone is also easy to keep clean, typically requiring only a bucket of warm water and a mop. Sierra Stone is also slip and skid resistant.

The manufacturing process of Sierra Stone uses natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies. The finished product is chemical resistant, easy to clean, and more durable than the concrete it covers.

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone offers durability, versatility, and beauty with a softer touch and texture. This flooring creates a cushioning effect to minimize the effects of impact and fatigue from standing and walking on this surface. Rubber Stone also has an insulating effect which can have a warming and sound dampening effect for home offices.

Rubber Stone is commonly used to resurface concrete and it works well on substrates that are prone to movement such as wooden surfaces and basement floors. Rubber Stone comes in 7 different colours that can be combined to create a dynamic and stimulating appearance to your floor.

Rubber Stone Mats can also be installed in home offices. These mats offer the same great advantages as Rubber Stone, and they are great for partitioning off floor areas or for installation in smaller rooms.

EnduraFlake Floor

EnduraFlake Floors have been designed specifically to cover ugly concrete floors with a durable, stain resistant, colourized and smooth surface. EnduraFlake can withstand the same extreme stress as the concrete beneath it plus its smooth finish makes it easy to roll chairs or other furniture across its surface.

The Epoxy content of this product makes it chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean. Routine maintenance involves a quick rinse with water and a non-filming detergent. While this product has a beautiful finish of its own, EnduraFlake can also be polished to a high-gloss showroom finish with the application of wax.