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Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is available in several colour tones, and this also makes it a versatile element for enhancing the decor of a living space. With Sierra Stone, you can easily transform your hot tub/spa area from its original concrete grey with beautiful mosaics or designs that enhance the ambiance of your recreational space. It is also suitable for resurfacing vertical exteriors of hot tubs/spas that are constructed of concrete.

The manufacturing process of Sierra Stone uses natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies. The finished product is chemical resistant, easy to clean, and more durable than the concrete it covers. This makes it a perfect overlay for outdoor applications such as hot tub/spa areas . When left unsealed, the porous nature of Sierra Stone creates a surface that drains naturally. When sealed, quick-drying Sierra Stone can enhance drainage along the natural slope of an area. Sierra Stone is slip and skid resistant, which makes it ideal for hot tub/spa areas where foot traffic may be frequent.

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone is commonly used to resurface concrete and it works well on substrates that are prone to movement. The application of Rubber Stone creates a skid and slip resistant surface, which makes it perfect for areas where water is often splashed. Rubber Stone comes in 7 different colours to enhance your hot tub/spa are with a decorative element.

Rubber Stone is as tough and durable as the tires on your vehicle, and this is enhanced by the strength and flexibility of a polyurethane binding agent. It is the flexibility of Rubber Stone allows it to conceal flaws and move with the surface it is bonded to.

Life Deck

Life Deck is ideal for resurfacing wooden, concrete, magnesite, metal and other decking materials where a hot tub/spa may be placed. Life Deck can be installed to create a waterproof anti-skid surface, and this makes it ideal for entry and exit into spas. Not only does Life Deck create a safe walking area around your spa, it helps you protect and strengthen the underlying substrate.

Life Deck is comprised of several layers that may include a combination of fibreglass, resin, and concrete mortar. We offer three main Life Deck systems, including the Fiberglass Mat System, the MACoat Fiber Reinforced Deck System, and the AL Deck System. Each of these systems is tailored to a specific type of decking.