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Cover Your UGLY Concrete, Asphalt, Paving Stones, and More!

It makes perfect sense to resurface your old concrete driveway with a natural stone or rubberized paving material. It makes even more sense if you consider the exorbitant cost of removing an old driveway, hauling the old concrete to the landfill, and pouring new concrete. Instead of replacing an old apron of grey in front of your house with more of the same, consider driveway resurfacing with a decorative material that won’t stain, become pitted by every day use, or suffer typical wear and tear from freeze-thaw cycles.

Together we can rid your world of UGLY concrete!

Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is a natural stone paving material that has been Covering Ugly Concrete and proving its durability throughout North America for more than a quarter century. Sierra Stone™ offers an amazing array of natural stone materials coupled with some of the strongest Eepoxy bonding agents developed by science. The finished product is chemical resistant and easy to clean. Resurfacing your existing concrete with this product enhances your home with decorative beauty and industrial durability.

Sierra Stone withstands the harshness of Canadian winters and the unforgiving heat of Phoenix sunshine. Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong enough to stand up to weather extremes without compromising elegant beauty. As it does all this it also adds value to your property and saves you demolition costs and the expense of pouring new concrete.

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone offers everything you would expect of Sierra Stone—Durability, Versatility, and Beauty. Where it differs is in its texture—Rubber Stone is flexible and has a softer touch. The texture creates a high traction surface that also has a cushioning effect to minimize the effects of impact and fatigue from standing, walking, running, and playing on this surface.

Rubber Stone consists of small chips of rubber and a polyurethane binding agent, and this combination gives the material its flexibility and durability. Rubber Stone is ideal for substrates that move or shift including paving stones, asphalt driveways and concrete. This product is also extremely durable and can withstand the same harsh conditions as the tires on your car can endure—hot, cold, wet, and dry conditions, and heavy traffic. Installing Rubber Stone on your driveway is almost like giving it off-road capability—it’s simply that tough.

Rubber Stone is a LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) contributing recycled product that utilizes post-consumer waste: 25 square feet of installed product keeps 3 tires out of the landfill. A typical single-car driveway keeps 60 tires from reaching the landfill, and a two-car driveway keeps a whopping 120 tires out of the driveway!!