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Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is available in numerous colour tones and adds a distinctive element of decor to any urban or municipal space. The various tones of this product can be combined to create patterns and designs and they can be used to contrast or blend with other elements in a space. Sierra Stone works well on vertical concrete surfaces and it can be used enhance columns or to create feature walls. This creates an entire floor that can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mop. Sierra stone can be used on concrete stairs to create flow throughout a space. Also, the varieties of colours can also be used to delineate boundaries between spaces or to provide directional markers for people moving through the space. This product also creates a seamless walking surface that is absent of tripping hazards such as lifted and cracked concrete. Sierra stone is ideal for civic buildings, airports, hospitals, and any urban space that receives a lot of foot traffic.

The manufacturing process of Sierra Stone uses natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies. The finished product is chemical resistant and easy to clean. The porous nature of Sierra Stone creates a surface that drains naturally. This quality makes the surface slip and skid resistant, which is ideal for commercial sidewalks.

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone is available in 7 colours and the flexibility of this product allows it to conceal flaws and move with the surface it is bonded to. In addition Rubber Stone offers slip resistance and a forgiving surface to land on if you happen to fall. Rubber Stone is ideally suited for urban and municipal spaces such as public pool and recreation areas.

Rubber Stone is as tough and durable as the tires it is recycled from, and this is enhanced by the strength and flexibility of a polyurethane binding agent. The finished product results in a low maintenance surface that is easy to clean. Since this product is made out of recycled materials, 25 square feet of installed flooring keeps 3 tires out of the landfill. Using this flooring is an environmentally responsible and its LEEDs contributions make it a cost effective choice for any municipal planning committee.

EnduraFlake Floors

EnduraFlake is perfect for small and large civic buildings with concrete floors. This decorative concrete topping works extremely well in high traffic areas that require smooth and seamless flooring. Its variety of colours can be used to enhance the elegance and grandeur of a space. EnduraFlake floors are as strong and durable as the cement they are bonded to and 10 times stronger than other epoxy-based paint products making EnduraFlake floors ideal for municipal and urban office space, public areas such as libraries, and public works spaces such as garages, fire halls, and police stations. While this product has a beautiful finish of its own, EnduraFlake can also be polished to a high-gloss showroom finish with the application of wax.

EnduraFlake is designed for areas that are frequently exposed to spills. The Epoxy content of this product makes it chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean. Routine maintenance involves a quick rinse with water and a non-filming detergent. When this flooring is heavily soiled it can be thoroughly cleaned with a mop or carwash brush, and mild solvents such as paint thinner or WD-40.

Life Deck

Life Deck is ideal for resurfacing wooden, concrete, magnesite, metal and other decking materials. Life Deck can be installed to create a waterproof anti-skid surface, which makes it ideal as a membrane for roof top decks, access ramps, and walkways. It also works very well in wet areas, such as those designed for entry and exit into hot tubs, spas, and pools, or exterior patios that are exposed to a variety of weather. Not only does Life Deck create a safe walking area, it also helps protect and strengthen the underlying substrate.

Life Deck is comprised of several layers that may include a combination of fibreglass, resin, and concrete mortar. We offer three main Life Deck systems, including the Fiberglass Mat System, the MACoat Fiber Reinforced Deck System, and the AL Deck System. Each of these systems is tailored to a specific type of decking.

In addition to its exceptional durability and ability to reinforce underlying decking, other aspects ofLife Deck make it a good product for urban and municipal applications. Life Deck has industrial fire ratings (the AL Deck System is a Class A ASTME 108 Fire Retardant material with a 1-hour fire rating), and high-altitude certifications specific to its ability to resist damage from high winds and extreme weather. Life Deck can also be treated with a UV-resistant top coat which helps prolong the life of this product.