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Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone and Rubber Stone Mats are available in 7 colours that can be used to create retail flooring branded with designs or corporate logos. The flooring is typically ½ to ¾ of an inch thick which results in a noticeably cushioned surface that is ideal for many sporting activities. For example, this flooring can be used to cover indoor tracks, and training rooms. It also makes an exceptional covering for pool deck areas.

The flexibility of Rubber Stone allows it to conceal flaws and move with the surface it is bonded to. In addition Rubber Stone offers slip resistance and a forgiving surface to land on if you happen to fall. Rubber Stone is as tough and durable as the tires on your vehicle, and this is enhanced by the strength and flexibility of a polyurethane binding agent. The finished product results in a low maintenance surface that is easy to clean. Since this product is made out of recycled materials, any project utilizingthis product may qualify for LEEDs points and government assistance, in addition 3 tires out of the landfill for every 25 square feet of flooring.